We Stand with Trans Youth Athletes

With an upcoming Mainheim school board discussion involving the “integrity” of athletics, it’s become once again important for us all to voice our support for trans athletes’ participation in the sports teams of their gender.

Peer-reviewed data and expert testimony overwhelmingly show that exclusion from athletics based on gender has adverse effects, and there’s no medical standing to exclude trans athletes.

Please consider sharing your professional expertise (medical, social, psychological, etc) and/or your expectations of Manheim Township School District regarding the treatment of all students via email to the board at [email protected].

Board discussion will take place on September 8th at 7pm in the district office. 

You can watch the livestream on the Manheim Township School Board website, but you can’t make Citizens’ Comments unless you’re a resident or employee of MTSD in the board room. Only discussion will occur at this meeting, voting will not take place.

In February 2021, the National Coalition for Women & Girls in Education issued a statement supporting transgender and nonbinary students’ full and equal participation in all education programs and activities, including sports. Making a talking point out of gender inclusivity in sports has never been about fairness or competition—it’s a thinly-veiled push to exclude trans people from society and perpetuate a culture that sees trans identities as shameful. To imply that these students bring a lack of integrity to athletics is a repulsive notion. It can not and must not gain traction.