Corinne Goodwin

Awardee Spotlight: Corinne Goodwin & Naiymah Sanchez

Naiymah Sanchez (she/her) joined the ACLU-PA in January 2017 as the trans justice coordinator. She is
a proud woman of transgender experience and previously worked as the coordinator of the
Trans-Health information project for five years providing education and advocacy services for
transgender individuals in Philadelphia.

Naiymah has worked to help the Philadelphia prison
system become more PREA (Prison Rape elimination act) compliant since 2015. Part of
Naiymah’s initiative is to build coalitions to better serve transgender individuals and the injustice
they face.

Corinne Goodwin (She/They) is the Executive Director and founder of Eastern PA Trans Equity Project which has a mission of empowering transgender individuals throughout a 26-County area of Eastern Pennsylvania. 

An award-winning community leader and in-demand speaker, Corinne actively works on issues impacting the lives of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians ranging from legislative action to advocating for safe housing and food access alongside organizations such as Keystone Equality, the Pennsylvania Youth Congress, the United Way, the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and more. 

After a career as a senior executive in the retail and telecommunications sectors, Corinne now works as a self-employed business consultant. 

A parent to one son who works in New York’s theater industry, she lives in Orefield PA with her wife Debbie, a grumpy cat named April, and a model railroad that takes up way too much space in her basement.

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