Evita Colon & Solise White

Awardee Spotlight: Evita Colon & Solise White, A Concrete Rose Bookbar

A Concrete Rose merges a bookstore, micro-winery and live entertainment venue under one
roof; a book bar but so much more! The bookstore will feature books and art created by authors
and artists of the African diaspora providing the community with the opportunity to learn about
different cultures through the immersion of literature and art.

Evita and Solise aim to provide the community with a place to freely express themselves and showcase their work on a regular basis. The inclusion of wine intersects a sophisticated experience with a casual experience giving our space an unpretentious vibe for all to enjoy.

Get tickets now for STARDUST RHAPSODY to see Evita & Solise presented with our Aurora award; awarded to artists or storytellers who illuminate the experiences of our LGBTQIA+ community!