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Dorrin Gingerich is a 34-year-old artist who lives with Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions and spasms. He was diagnosed with Dystonia in his senior year of high school, after noticing that his right arm would clench and curl whenever he held something. Over the years, his condition worsened and spread to his neck, back, and tongue, forcing him to quit his full-time job.

Dorrin faced many challenges and struggles as he tried to cope with his condition. He felt depressed, isolated, and hopeless. He wondered what his purpose in life was and how he could contribute to society. He also faced discrimination and stigma from others who did not understand his condition or his identity as a gay man.

However, Dorrin did not give up, though he wanted to. He found meaning and joy in expressing himself through art. He started with comic book collages and then experimented with painting discovering his signature crisscross technique. He realized he could create beautiful images by filling in pixel-like squares with different colors and shades. He also found that this technique helped him overcome the difficulties of painting with a curled arm, as he did not have to worry about being precise or accurate. He feels that his style added character and texture to his paintings.

Dorrin draws inspiration from the world and enjoys seeing how others interpret his expressions. He believes that his Christian faith and coming out of the closet have helped him heal and accept himself. He also credits his recovery to getting plenty of rest, working out with a trainer, and getting Botox injections. While stress is still a trigger for his Dystonia, he has regained more control over his body and his life.

He has overcome many obstacles and challenges to pursue his passion and purpose. He hopes he can become an inspiration to others, especially those who are LGBTQ+, disabled, or people of faith. Eventually, he wants to write a memoir with a ghostwriter one day. He currently lives near Lancaster, PA, and will be moving to Macon GA in September.

You can learn more about Dorrin and see some of his paintings on his website and socials:


Instagram: @dorringingerich

Facebook: DorrinGingerichsArt

TikTok: @dorringingerich

You can also see and buy some of his work at The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition & The Loop; 117 E Chestnut St, Lancaster, PA 17602