Wrath Month Open-Mic Recap

What originated in 2018 as a meme on the Queer internet, “Wrath Month” now represents a hopeful reality. Queer existence does not end in June. Wrath month is a time to continue the momentum of emotional acknowledgment, vulnerability, comfort, and energy we built during Pride. Wrath is personal, it is not in our calendars, or our history books, but is equally as important to acknowledge. It is opinionated, free thinking and free flowing. 

Last Friday, July 7th Kearasten Jordan hosted a QUEER WRATH MONTH OPEN-MIC; featuring performances from different artists of diverse backgrounds. This event raised awareness about issues that still need to be addressed such as discrimination, accessibility, the commercialization of our bodies and identities, and free access to information about gender and sexuality. 

What does Wrath mean to you? It’s all correct; this is what made an open-mic night fit so well with the concept of this Month. Wrath is whatever you, whatever I, whatever WE want it to be. July 7th was an opportunity to experiment, test the waters, and free your mind. Release your Wrath, whatever form it may take.

The open-mic took place at the Ware Center and was free and open to the public. We thank the Ware Center and fellow performers for granting us such a safe, comedic and enjoyable night. Thank you Kearasten, Audrie Marsh and Kyle Shahan for some phenomenal stand up. We would also like to thank and spotlight local artists Matty Geez and Dorrin Gingerich for presenting and sharing their artwork with the greater community.