Support the Lancaster Public Library and Drag Queen Story Hour

Signal Boost: Support Lancaster Public Library and Drag Queen Story Hour

This is a repost of a post originally from @lititzchooseslove on Instagram. The original post can be found here.

As many of you know, Lancaster Pride and the Lancaster Public Library are hosting Drag Story Hour with Miss Amie for kids and families. 

This has caused backlash in the community. We are disappointed that so shortly after another young trans person in our community lost their life to suicide, public officials are making hateful comments about the LGBTQ+ community. 
We want to be clear that drag story hours for children are NOT the same as adult drag performances. Miss Aime is a professional who has done other story hours for children. She dresses up in fun, whimsical costumes, sings age-appropriate songs, and reads age-appropriate books. 

Because of this backlash, people have also started criticizing our LGBTQIA+ Supportive Space Initiative at the library. The library has been receiving many hateful calls and emails—some of them even calling us groomers because of our programming. 

We need your help! Please consider participating in some (or ALL!) of the calls to action we’ve listed below. 

1. If you have kiddos, attend the story hour!!! 
2. We will provide a Wall of Love at the Drag Story Hour on March 23rd. Please join us as part of the wall of love! This will be similar to what the Silent Witness Peacekeepers did at Pride last year. Please reach out if you are interested, and we can add you to the private event page. 
3. Contact the County Commissioners to show your support for the library! 
You can call, email, or even go to a commissioner meeting!
4. Write a letter to the editor to share your support for the library. 
5. Contact the Lancaster County Library System’s trustees to share your support for this event.
6. Support the library! Share their events. Donate money. Call them or send them a note of encouragement! It feels really terrible to read so many hateful emails, and your letters of support can go a long way in supporting the well-being of their staff. 

Lastly, please share this post as widely as you can!!!