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Courage & Authenticity for All

Valor & autenticidad para todos

Create Community

Crear comunidad

At Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, we are committed to building a supportive and enriching community abundant in opportunities for LGBTQQIA+ individuals and those with a stake in creating a more inclusive Lancaster County.

En la Coalición LGBTQ+ de Lancaster, estamos comprometidxs a construir una comunidad de apoyo y enriquecedora con muchas oportunidades para gente LGBTQQIA + y lxs personxs interesadxs en crear un condado de Lancaster más inclusivo.

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We are stronger together through outreach, community connection, and courageous conversation.

Entendemos que somos más fuertes cuando nos unimos y con un espacio y oportunidades de envolvimiento para tener una fuerte conección comunitaria LGBTQ+.




We offer dynamic programming and services to meet the diverse needs of the Lancaster LGBTQ+ community.

Brindamos un medio para que lxs personxs LGBTQ+ se fortalezcan y se apoyen mutuamente.




We elevate LGBTQ+ voices to foster compassion and encourage growth throughout Lancaster County.

Elevamos las voces LGBTQ + en todo el Condado de Lancaster para alentar el crecimiento y fomentar la compasión.

Photography by Michelle Johnsen

We envision an equitable Lancaster County where all of us live courageous, full, and authentic lives

Visualizamos una comunidad equitativa del condado de Lancaster donde todxs vivimos vidas valientes, plenas y auténticas.

Our mission is to build supportive and enriching opportunities for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex and Asexual individuals, along with others who identify with the LGBTQ+ community

Nuestra misión es luchar por la salud, los derechos y la visibilidad de la comunidad LGBTQ + en todo el condado de Lancaster

Our Goals

Nuestras metas

Cultivate Our Community

Cultivar nuestra comunidad

We engage community leaders and allies in intersectional work and social justice to support and advance the rights and needs of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Involucramos a lxs líderes y aliadxs comunitarixs en el trabajo interseccional y la justicia social para apoyar y promover los derechos y necesidades de todos lxs miembrxs de la comunidad LGBTQ+.

Educate Our Leaders

Educar a nuestrxs líderes

We offer opportunities and provide tools for community leaders, organizations, and the general public that have the power to create an educated, aware, and accepting populace.

Ofrecemos oportunidades y proveemos herramientas para líderes comunitarios, organizaciones y el público en general para que tengan el poder de crear una población educada y consciente.

Strengthen Our Partnerships

Fortalecer nuestras alianzas

Through partnerships with local leaders and organizations, we are active in building a network of allied community pillars, creating a stronger and more inclusive Lancaster County.

A través de alianzas y con líderes y organizaciones locales, construimos una red de apoyo comunitarios aliados para crear un Condado de Lancaster más fuerte e inclusivo.

Promote Our Well-Being

Promover nuestro bienestar

We promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness and self-advocacy through programming and partnerships with local allied resources.

Promovemos el bienestar mental, emocional y físico y la auto-abogacía a través de la programación y las alianzas con recursos aliados locales.

Support Our Seniors

Apoyar a personas mayores

We facilitate elder spaces and events which allow LGBTQ+ seniors to join in friendship, community, and togetherness in a way that allows them to share their experiences with our younger community and receive support that respects their dignity and autonomy.

Facilitamos espacios y eventos que permitan a lxs personxs mayores LGBTQ + unirse en amistad, comunidad y unión de una manera que les permita compartir sus experiencias con nuestra comunidad y recibir apoyo que respeta su dignidad y autonomía.

Empower Our Youth

Empoderar a nuestrx juventud

We believe in strengthening and empowering LGBTQ+ youth through advocacy, support, and education. Young voices are elevated and heard within our organization. We use their lived experiences and needs to create programming that promotes proud and prosperous living.

Fortalecer y empoderar a lxs jóvenes LGBTQ + a través de la promoción, el apoyo y la educación. Las voces de lxs jóvenes son elevadas y escuchadas dentro de nuestra organización. Dependemos en sus experiencias y sus necesidades para crear programas que promuevan una vida orgullosa y próspera.

Check Our Privilege

Revisar y conocer su privilegio

We know that to promote greater equity throughout the LGBTQ+ community we must acknowledge and dismantle the layers of privilege within it, prioritize anti-racism work, create an organization that reflects the diversity in our community, and highlight individuals who exist at the intersection of multiple marginalized groups.

Sabemos que para promover una mayor equidad en toda la comunidad LGBTQ+ tenemos que reconocer y desmantelar las capas de privilegios dentro de ella, priorizar el trabajo antirracismo, crear una organización que refleje la diversidad en nuestra comunidad y destacar a lxs personxs que existen en la intersección de múltiples grupos marginados.

Our History

On February 9, 2019, we held our first community stakeholder meeting to discuss the needs of Lancaster County's LGBTQ+ community. Five months later we secured start-up funds, obtained our 501(c)(3), and began leasing our headquarters, hosting fundraisers, and running programming. Our "Queer We Are!" launch party at Tellus360 on November 12th connected over 350 attendees and 15 local businesses in support of the Lancaster LGBTQ+ community. Our community rallied during our first Extraordinary Give—we received over $35,000 from over 530 individual donors.

Since then, we have been creating community partnerships to tackle issues such as access to dignified healthcare, affordable affirming shelters and retirement communities, and spaces where all intersections of our community feel heard and at home.

Thanks to Lancaster Cares, we have been able to give direct service to our community members through our COVID-19 Emergency Fund. We have been able to help those struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic with paying their bills, securing their housing, and even the holidays.

In 2021, the Coalition launched the HEART (Homelessness Emergency Assistance and Response Team) program. HEART works with persons experiencing homelessness to help them access safe and inclusive housing, and helps to mitigate their vulnerability to COVID-19 by providing PPE, hand sanitizer, and other protective resources.

HEART Program Logo

Homelessness Emergency Assistance & Response Team

There is a housing crisis in Lancaster County and extremely limited LGBTQ+ affirming housing. On February 1, 2021, the HEART Program opened its 6-month pilot low-cost housing location, offering individuals sheltering in unaffirming environments a chance to live in a supportive home.

Once we have hired a Director of Programming to manage the program and volunteers, HEART will expand to work with persons experiencing homelessness on the streets to help them access safe and inclusive housing, and mitigate their vulnerability to COVID-19 by providing PPE, hand sanitizer and resources.

HEART also offers a warm-handoff service to housing and medical services to provide emotional support for program participants. To further ensure resource providers are capable of providing culturally competent services, we provide cultural competency training to community stakeholders and potential partners around serving the LGBTQ+ population.

At this time, we are unable to offer emergency crisis shelter. Applicants must have some form of income and have the ability to manage their general needs and safety. If you are in need of immediate shelter call crisis intervention at (717) 394-2631 or 211.

Sponsor the HEART Program

Learn more about the HEART Program »
List of our donation needs »
Apply for housing » a case manager will contact you for an intake within 48 hours.

Meet Our Staff

Karen Foley

Karen Foley

Executive Director she/they
Ellie Cochran

Ellie Cochran

Creative Director she/xey
Glitch SteelHeart

Glitch SteelHeart

Program Coordinator she/they
Brian Nguyen

Brian Nguyen

Communications Coordinator he/they
Sammie Rosa

Sammie Rosa


Our Board

Christine Baer Christine Baer she/her
Mary Auker-Endres Mary Auker-Endres she/her
Sarah Roberts Sarah Roberts she/her
Todd Snovel Todd Snovel he/him
Wendy Cheesman Wendy Cheesman she/her
Diamond Anthony Diamond Anthony they/them
Tony Gorick Tony Gorick he/him
Kelsey Miller Kelsey Miller she/her
Cameron Childers Cameron Childers he/him
Ricardo Almodovar Ricardo Almodovar he/him

Advisory Council

Liz Fulmer Liz Fulmer she/her
Alexis Lake, LCSW Alexis Lake, LCSW she/her
Izzy Smith Wade-El Izzy Smith Wade-El he/him
Adam Lake, MD Adam Lake, MD he/him
Marci Nelligan Marci Nelligan she/her
Xavier Garcia-Molina Xavier Garcia-Molina he/him
Lisa Dibernardo, Esq. Lisa Dibernardo, Esq. she/her
Ja'Nae Tyler Ja'Nae Tyler she/her
Suzette Mullen Suzette Mullen she/her
John Costanzo John Costanzo he/him
Karen Rice Karen Rice she/her
AJ Eckman AJ Eckman he/him

Glitch SteelHeart


Glitch is a Bisexual Non-Binary trans-fem. She is the program coordinator at Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition and has a background in Nursing.

Brian Nguyen


Visionary, content creator, social media guru, and giant minion are just a few terms that have been used to describe Brian Nguyen. As the volunteer Communications Coordinator at the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, Brian does more than oversee social media and communications functions. His life and work experiences allow him to see the world from a different perspective. With a proven track record across the social media landscape with an increase in digital presence and brand awareness to building better relationships and business, he’s able to adapt to any organization of any size.

He is passionate about innovating new and creative ways of creating proactive and storytelling content that is informative and relevant while developing meaningful and lasting relationships and partnerships along the way.

Sammie Rosa


Born and raised in New York, Sammie Rosa is a social justice activist and community organizer currently in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Sammie works to educate the public on the disparities of equality and equity faced every day by black indigenous people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Sammie is a Housing Advocate for the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition. He is also a Social Justice Facilitator for Lancaster YWCA. Sammie’s mission is to create a more equitable world for both BIPOC people and the LGBTQ+ Community, united, as one.

Wendy Cheesman


Wendy Cheesman is an assistant professor of instruction at Temple teaching in public health and cultural competency. Areas of service have included Title IX compliance and enforcement and cultural competency training around medical services for traditionally marginalized populations. She has served as the Family Planning/Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Coordinator for Alder Health Services. This role included laying a foundation for a new grant within the agency infrastructure and updating the cancer screening program to make it inclusive for all gender diverse identities.

Mary Auker-Endres


Mary Auker-Endres is a long time community organizer and activist. Most recently she has worked as a campaign manager and Democratic organizer in Lancaster County, managing high profile local races and training new campaign staff across the region. Mary has one son and lives in Elizabethtown with her spouse.

Karen Foley MA, LPC, RYT


Karen Foley, MA, LPC, RYT is a founding member and interim executive director of the new Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition. She has been a mental health counselor for the LGBTQ+ community for over 14 years. Her inspiration to open the Coalition came from the direct needs of her clients and the general lack of support the LGBTQ+ community had in Lancaster. Karen has been teaching Trans/Queer Yoga since 2015 and created Pride Week in 2016. She has served on the Lancaster Human Relations Commission board since 2018.

Ellie Cochran


Ellie Cochran is a Trans Queer creative director, new media designer and adjunct professor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Named one of the Keystone State’s next generation of Queer leaders, Ellie has been interested in the intersection of art and technology from an early age.

From natural language-learning public net art pieces to computer-based prototyping, 3D printing, and virtual interaction, Ellie views her digital work as an extension of herself. You can find more of her work at her portfolio website.

Todd Snovel


Todd Snovel currently serves as board chair for the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition. In his day job, Todd serves as Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster. Prior to this role, Todd was appointed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf as the inaugural Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. He holds a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Mansfield University.



Dr. Adam Lake practices at Lancaster General Health Physicians - Comprehensive Care in Lancaster, PA. His practice provides primary care with integration of specialty level care for people living with HIV/AIDS, with substance use disorders and recovery, infectious hepatitis, and identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum including gender affirming hormone therapy. Dr Lake studied linguistics and biochemistry at Grinnell College, and medicine at Temple University School of Medicine. He then moved to Lancaster for his residency in family medicine and a fellowship in population health.

Kedren Crosby


Mindsets and behaviors hold power. By instilling effective workplace mindsets, behaviors, communication practices and cultures, Kedren builds sustainable high-performance.

Kedren holds a Master’s degree in Policy Science from The University of Maryland, graduate level Certificates in Nonprofit Studies from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Conflict Resolution at Notre Dame and has completed graduate coursework in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University.

Kedren is also a certified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and serves as adjunct graduate school faculty at Elizabethtown College. Kedren has written and presented extensively on burnout, work-life integration, authentic leadership, organizational culture, organizational conflict management and communication best practices.

Professionally, Kedren has enjoyed serving as a CEO, CDO, Director, Associate Director, Interim Executive Director, President, Vice President, author and professor. Her 25 years’ workplace experience in all three sectors (for-profit, non-profit, government) fuel both her empathy and her ability to see quickly into your specific scenario.

Her practice is rooted in authenticity, appreciative inquiry, crucial confrontations, emotional intelligence, positive organizational behavior, transformative mediation, positive psychology and the platinum rule.

Contact Kedren

AJ Eckman


AJ Eckman is the Marketing and Development Manager for the Lancaster Recreation Commission, Past President and Advisor to the Board with the Lancaster Young Professionals, Advisor to the Board of Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, Board at Large for the Lancaster Safety Coalition, Board at Large for the Keystone Business Alliance and serves on the development committees of Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership and Lancaster County Community Foundation’s Forever Lancaster. His passion is serving his community through philanthropic outreach by being a connector, innovator and collaborator. Follow his adventures on Instagram: ajeckman.

Kelsey Miller


Kelsey joins the board with several years of experience working with nonprofits, developing and implementing strategies to create healthy and equitable communities. From safe housing initiatives to revitalizing a farmers market and many in between, Kelsey is passionate about bringing people together for the common good. For fun, she enjoys playing rugby with the Lancaster Thorns WRFC and living life in Lancaster City with her love, Emily and their pup, Maple.

Diamond Anthony


Diamond Anthony is the current reigning and first Mx. Philadelphia Leather and a member of the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls. Diamond won the title back in March 1 week before the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down. But through the Pandemic Diamond has used their title to advocate for many causes such as, advocating for social justice and equity for Trans and non-binary folks. Diamond has met with elected officials such as US Senators, helped moderate the first Trans and Non-Binary Leather Town hall, was the visionary behind the “Take Back Your Pride Rally” this past year in Lancaster, and raised money for different organizations. Diamond continues to use their voice and their journey to uplift others and see the beauty in oneself. One moment at a time.

Tony Gorick


Tony Gorick currently works at the Lancaster Chamber as the Creative Services Manager, developing marketing and communication strategies for the organization. His previous work experience includes creative roles at Fig Industries and Ten Thousand Villages. He has an English Communications degree from Lebanon Valley College and has grown up in Lancaster County. Tony has immense passion for community and people, and he looks forward to adding his perspective, ideas, and thoughts to the incredible (and critically important) mission of the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition.

Working together to strengthen our community

Sé valiente. Sé Auténtico.

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Shades of Gay

A group for bi and nonbinary folx to hang out and share support

A group for bi and nonbinary folx to hang out and share support

Coalition Discord

Second Sundays, 1 PM

Segundos Domingos, 1 PM

Youth Group

A safe space for LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-20 focused on support and education

Un espacio seguro para jóvenes LGBTQ + de 13 a 20 años centrado en el apoyo y la educación.

Coalition Discord

Saturdays, 2 PM

Sábados, 6 PM

Hearts & Crafts

A crafting and social group facilitated by local artists

Un grupo artesanal y social facilitadx por artistas locales

Coalition Discord

Biwekly Mondays, 7–8:30 PM

Lunes Quincenales, 7 a 8:30 PM


Come to our tabletop gaming night sponsored by our friends at Farbo Co.!

Ven a nuestra noche de juegos auspiciada por nuestros amigos en Farbo Co.

Coalition Discord

Saturdays, 8–9:30 PM

Sábados, 8 a 9:30 PM

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training

We offer DEI training to organizations and companies seeking to improve their awareness and create strategies for fostering lasting cultural change within their organization. Attendees will learn about the diverse identities and orientations that make up our community and the obstacles they face, learn inclusive language and how to be a better ally, and develop a better understanding of privilege and bias.

Ofrecemos capacitación a organizaciones y empresas que buscan mejorar su conocimiento y comprensión de la comunidad LGBTQQIA +. Lxs participantes aprenderán sobre las diversas identidades y orientaciones que conforman nuestra comunidad y los obstáculos que enfrentan, aprenderán un lenguaje inclusivo y cómo ser un mejor aliadx, y desarrollarán una mejor comprensión de los privilegios y los prejuicios.

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The Coalition is an incredible resource; one that creates greater connection for our community, and has made a personally positive impact on our lives in Lancaster"

— Trella Dubetz Owner of Sage Massage & Wellness, LLC