Flattening the Hierarchy: Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition’s Shift to a Working Board Structure

Lancaster, PA — Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition is thrilled to announce a major milestone in our evolution: After careful consideration, the Coalition is transitioning to a working board structure.

The Coalition’s new working board structure flattens our formal organizational framework, making us a true coalition in form and function. This marks a significant shift towards greater efficiency, collaboration, and community engagement.

One notable example of this new approach is the continued service of a board member who moderates a weekly community group in our online space. Through this and similar combinations of leadership and community roles, we’re able to leverage board members’ expertise and passion for the community, while also fostering greater collaboration and communication between our board, staff, and volunteers.

This organizational change is a testament to our dedication to building a more involved Coalition and continuing to connect, support, and amplify our community’s many voices. As we embark on this new chapter, we invite our community to join us in celebrating this achievement and look forward to working together towards a brighter future.

About Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

At Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, we are committed to building a supportive and enriching community abundant in opportunities for LGBTQIA+ individuals and those with a stake in creating a more inclusive Lancaster County. For more information, visit lgbtlancaster.org